Model Selection with FDR Control of Selected Variables (rope)
Selects one model with variable selection FDR controlled at a specified level. A q-value for each potential variable is also returned. The input, variable selection counts over many bootstraps for several levels of penalization, is modeled as coming from a beta-binomial mixture distribution.

Tidy RSS for R (tidyRSS)
With the objective of including data from RSS feeds into your analysis, tidyRSS parses RSS and Atom xml feeds and returns a tidy data frame.

Handy String and File Manipulation (filesstrings)
Handy string and file processing and manipulation tools. Built on top of the functionality of base and ‘stringr’. Good for those who like to do all of their file and string manipulation from within R.

A Collection of Nonparametric Hypothesis Tests (nonpar)
Contains the following 5 nonparametric hypothesis tests: The Sign Test, The 2 Sample Median Test, Miller’s Jackknife Procedure, Cochran’s Q Test, & The Stuart-Maxwell Test.