Ask a Custom Yes-No Question (yesno)
Asks a custom Yes-No question with variable responses. The order and phrasing of the possible responses varies randomly to ensure the user consciously chooses (as opposed to automatically types their response).

Multispatial Convergent Cross Mapping (multispatialCCM)
The multispatial convergent cross mapping algorithm can be used as a test for causal associations between pairs of processes represented by time series. This is a combination of convergent cross mapping (CCM), described in Sugihara et al., 2012, Science, 338, 496-500, and dew-drop regression, described in Hsieh et al., 2008, American Naturalist, 171, 71-80. The algorithm allows CCM to be implemented on data that are not from a single long time series. Instead, data can come from many short time series, which are stitched together using bootstrapping.

Slick Call Stacks (tracer)
Better looking call stacks after an error.

Restricted Statistical Estimation and Inference for Linear Models (restriktor)
Allow for easy-to-use testing of linear equality and inequality restrictions about parameters and effects in linear, robust linear and generalized linear statistical models.

Three-Mode Principal Components Analysis (tuckerR.mmgg)
Performs Three-Mode Principal Components Analysis, which carries out Tucker Models.