The R Version of WebGestalt (WebGestaltR)
The web version WebGestalt <> supports 12 organisms, 324 gene identifiers and 150,937 function categories. Users can upload the data and functional categories with their own gene identifiers. In addition to the Over-Representation Analysis, WebGestalt also supports Gene Set Enrichment Analysis. The user-friendly output interface allow interactive and efficient exploration of enrichment results. The WebGestaltR package not only supports all above functions but also can be integrated into other pipeline or simultaneous analyze multiple gene lists.

Convenience Functions by Michael Chirico (funchir)
A set of functions, some subset of which I use in every .R file I write. Examples are table2(), which adds useful functionalities to base table (sorting, built-in proportion argument, etc.); lyx.xtable(), which converts xtable() output to a format more easily copy-pasted into LyX; pdf2(), which writes a plot to file while also displaying it in the RStudio plot window; and abbr_to_colClass(), which is a much more concise way of feeding many types to a colClass argument in a data reader.

A Systematic Data Wrangling Idiom (wrangle)
Supports systematic scrutiny, modification, and integration of data. The function status() counts rows that have missing values in grouping columns (returned by na() ), have non-unique combinations of grouping columns (returned by dup() ), and that are not locally sorted (returned by unsorted() ). Functions enumerate() and itemize() give sorted unique combinations of columns, with or without occurrence counts, respectively. Function ignore() drops columns in x that are present in y, and informative() drops columns in x that are entirely NA. Data that have defined unique combinations of grouping values behave more predictably during merge operations.

Badge for R Package (badger)
Query information and generate badge for using in README and GitHub Pages.

Use Image in ‘ggplot2’ (ggimage)
Supports aesthetic mapping of image files to be visualized in ‘ggplot2’ graphic system. files as a scatterplot.