An Interface to the Twilio API for R (twilio)
The Twilio web service provides an API for computer programs to interact with telephony. The included functions wrap the SMS and MMS portions of Twilio’s API, allowing users to send and receive text messages from R. See <https://…/> for more information.

Multiscalar Territorial Analysis (MTA)
Build multiscalar territorial analysis based on various contexts.

Visualization Package for CanvasXpress in R (canvasXpress)
Enables creation of visualizations using the CanvasXpress framework in R. CanvasXpress is a standalone JavaScript library for reproducible research with complete tracking of data and end-user modifications stored in a single PNG image that can be played back. See <> for more information.

Control Polygon Reduction (cpr)
Implementation of the Control Polygon Reduction and Control Net Reduction methods for finding parsimonious B-spline regression models.