Manipulation Testing Based on Density Discontinuity (rddensity)
Density discontinuity test (a.k.a. manipulation test) is commonly employed in regression discontinuity designs and other treatment effect settings to detect whether there is evidence suggesting perfect self-selection (manipulation) around a cutoff where a treatment/policy assignment changes. This package provides tools for conducting the aforementioned statistical test: rddensity() to construct local polynomial based density discontinuity test given a prespecified cutoff, and rdbwdensity() to perform bandwidth selection.

Schedule R Scripts and Processes with the Windows Task Scheduler (taskscheduleR)
Schedule R scripts/processes with the Windows task scheduler. This allows R users to automate R processes on specific time points from R itself.

Moran’s Eigenvector-Based Spatial Regression Models (spmoran)
Functions for estimating fixed and random effects eigenvector spatial filtering models.

Tools to Work with the Flexible Dirichlet Distribution (FlexDir)
Provides tools to work with the Flexible Dirichlet distribution. The main features are an E-M algorithm for computing the maximum likelihood estimate of the parameter vector and a function based on conditional bootstrap to estimate its asymptotic variance-covariance matrix. It contains also functions to plot graphs, to generate random observations and to handle compositional data.