Business Process Analytics in R (bupaR)
Functionalities for process analysis in R. This packages implements an S3-class for event log objects, and related handler functions. Imports related packages for subsetting event data, computation of descriptive statistics, handling of Petri Net objects and visualization of process maps.

Tools for Distances and Metrics (distances)
Provides tools for constructing, manipulating and using distance metrics.

Tools for Stemming and Lemmatizing Text (textstem)
Tools that stem and lemmatize text. Stemming is a process that removes endings such as affixes. Lemmatization is the process of grouping inflected forms together as a single base form.

Creates an Executable Shortcut for Shiny Applications (shinyShortcut)
Provides function shinyShortcut() that, when given the base directory of a shiny application, will produce an executable file that runs the shiny app directly in the user’s default browser. Tested on both windows and unix machines. Inspired by and borrowing from <http://…/>.