Perform the Joint Graphical Lasso and Selects Tuning Parameters (EstimateGroupNetwork)
Can be used to simultaneously estimate networks (Gaussian Graphical Models) in data from different groups or classes via Joint Graphical Lasso. Tuning parameters are selected via information criteria (AIC / BIC / eBIC) or crossvalidation.

Quality Control Charts for the Grammar of Graphics Plotting System (ggQC)
Plot single and faceted type quality control charts within the grammar of graphics plotting framework.

Corpora Co-Occurrence Comparison (CorporaCoCo)
A set of functions used to compare co-occurrence between two corpora.

Analysis of Single-Cell Viral Growth Curves (sicegar)
Classifies time course fluorescence data of viral growth. The package categorize time course data into one of four categories, ‘ambiguous’, ‘no signal’, ‘sigmoidal’, and ‘double sigmoidal’ by fitting a series of mathematical models to the data. The origin of the package name came from ‘SIngle CEll Growth Analysis in R’.