A GeoJson Processing Toolkit (geojsonR)
Includes functions for processing GeoJson objects <https://…/GeoJSON> relying on ‘RFC 7946’ <https://…/rfc7946.pdf>. The geojson encoding is based on ‘json11’, a tiny JSON library for ‘C++11’ <https://…/json11>. Furthermore, the source code is exported in R through the ‘Rcpp’ and ‘RcppArmadillo’ packages.

Implementation of Marker-Assisted Mini-Pooling with Algorithm (mMPA)
To determine the number of quantitative assays needed for a sample of data using pooled testing methods, which include mini-pooling (MP), MP with algorithm (MPA), and marker-assisted MPA (mMPA). To estimate the number of assays needed, the package also provides a tool to conduct Monte Carlo (MC) to simulate different orders in which the sample would be collected to form pools. Using MC avoids the dependence of the estimated number of assays on any specific ordering of the samples to form pools.

Standard Benchmark Optimization Functions (optim.functions)
A set of standard benchmark optimization functions for R and a common interface to sample them.

Affluence Indices (affluenceIndex)
Computes the statistical indices of affluence (richness) and constructs bootstrap confidence intervals for these indices. Also computes the Wolfson polarization index.