Canonical Variate Regression (CVR)
Perform canonical variate regression (CVR) for two sets of covariates and a univariate response, with regularization and weight parameters tuned by cross validation.

Inferring Latent Diffusion Networks (NetworkInference)
This is an R implementation of the netinf algorithm (Gomez Rodriguez, Leskovec, and Krause, 2010)<doi:10.1145/1835804.1835933>. Given a set of events that spread between a set of nodes the algorithm infers the most likely stable diffusion network that is underlying the diffusion process.

The Semi-Parametric Cumulative Incidence Function (CompetingRisk)
Computing the point estimator and pointwise confidence interval of the cumulative incidence function from the cause-specific hazards model.

Deploy ‘heatmaply’ using ‘shiny’ (shinyHeatmaply)
Access functionality of the ‘heatmaply’ package through ‘Shiny UI’.