Taxonomic Information from ‘Wikipedia’ (wikitaxa)
Taxonomic’ information from ‘Wikipedia’, ‘Wikicommons’, ‘Wikispecies’, and ‘Wikidata’. Functions included for getting taxonomic information from each of the sources just listed, as well performing taxonomic search.

Generate LaTeX Code for Auto-Multiple-Choice (AMC) (AMCTestmakeR)
Generate code for use with the Optical Mark Recognition free software Auto Multiple Choice (AMC). More specifically, this package provides functions that use as input the question and answer texts, and output the LaTeX code for AMC.

Analyzing Multiple Omics Data with an Offset Approach (prioritylasso)
Fits successive Lasso models for several blocks of (omics) data with different priorities and takes the predicted values as an offset for the next block.

Marginal Effects for Model Objects (margins)
An R port of Stata’s ‘margins’ command, which can be used to calculate marginal (or partial) effects from model objects.