Quantile-Based Boxplot (qboxplot)
Produce quantile-based box-and-whisker plot(s).

Stable Sparse K-Means (sskm)
Achieve feature selection via taking subsamples of data and then running sparse k-means on each of the subsamples. Only maintain features that received positive weights a high proportion of times. Run standard k-means to cluster the data based on subset of features selected.

Convenient Functions for Non-Linear Regression (nlshelper)
A few utilities for summarizing, testing, and plotting non-linear regression models fit with nls(), nlsList() or nlme().

Procedures to Generate Patterns under Multistage Testing (mstR)
Generation of response patterns under dichotomous and polytomous computerized multistage testing (MST) framework. It holds various IRT- and score-based methods to select the next module and estimate ability levels.