Symmetric Tempered Stable Distributions (SymTS)
Contains methods for simulation and for evaluating the pdf, cdf, and quantile functions for symmetric stable, symmetric classical tempered stable, and symmetric power tempered stable distributions.

Bayesian Fractional Polynomials (bfp)
Implements the Bayesian paradigm for fractional polynomial models under the assumption of normally distributed error terms.

Bayesian Package for Network Changepoint Analysis (NetworkChange)
Network changepoint analysis for undirected network data. The package implements a hidden Markov multilinear tenstor regression model (Park and Sohn, 2017, <http://…/NetworkChange.pdf> ). Functions for break number detection using the approximate marginal likelihood and WAIC are also provided.

Kernel-Smoothed Nonparametric Methods for Environmental Exposure Data Subject to Detection Limits (KENDL)
Calculate the kernel-smoothed nonparametric estimator for the exposure distribution in presence of detection limits.