Truncated Scale Mixtures of Normal Distributions (TSMN)
Return the first four moments of the SMN distributions (Normal, Student-t, Pearson VII, Slash or Contaminated Normal).

Sparse Linear Method to Predict Ratings and Top-N Recommendations (slimrec)
Sparse Linear Method(SLIM) predicts ratings and top-n recommendations suited for sparse implicit positive feedback systems. SLIM is decomposed into multiple elasticnet optimization problems which are solved in parallel over multiple cores. The package is based on ‘SLIM: Sparse Linear Methods for Top-N Recommender Systems’ by Xia Ning and George Karypis <doi:10.1109/ICDM.2011.134>.

The Ranking Project: Visualizations for Comparing Populations (RankingProject)
Functions to generate plots and tables for comparing independently- sampled populations. Companion package to ‘A Primer on Visualizations for Comparing Populations, Including the Issue of Overlapping Confidence Intervals’ by Wright, Klein, and Wieczorek (2017, in press).

Hierarchical Non-Negative Matrix Factorization (hNMF)
Hierarchical non-negative matrix factorization for tumor segmentation based on multi-parametric MRI data.

Hybrid Methods for Addressing Uncertainty in RISK Assessments (HYRISK)
Methods for addressing uncertainty in risk assessments using hybrid representations of uncertainty (probability distributions, fuzzy numbers, intervals, probability distributions with imprecise parameters). The uncertainty propagation procedure combines random sampling using Monte Carlo method with fuzzy interval analysis of Baudrit et al. (2007) <doi:10.1109/TFUZZ.2006.876720>. The sensitivity analysis is based on the pinching method of Ferson and Tucker (2006) <doi:10.1016/j.ress.2005.11.052>.