Size-Constrained Clustering (scclust)
Provides wrappers for ‘scclust’, a C library for computationally efficient size-constrained clustering with near-optimal performance. See <https://…/scclust> for more information.

Hierarchical Multiple Imputation (hmi)
Runs single level and multilevel imputation models. The user just has to pass the data to the main function and, optionally, his analysis model. Basically the package then translates this analysis model into commands to impute the data according to it with functions from ‘mice’, ‘MCMCglmm’ or routines build for this package.

Interactive ‘ggplot2’ Layer and Theme Aesthetic Editor (ggedit)
Interactively edit ‘ggplot2’ layer and theme aesthetics definitions.

Easy Calculation and Visualisation of Confidence Intervals (summariser)
Functions to speed up the exploratory analysis of simple datasets using ‘dplyr’ and ‘ggplot2’. Functions are provided to do the common tasks of calculating confidence intervals and visualising the results.

Interactive R Unit Tests (unitizer)
Simplifies regression tests by comparing objects produced by test code with earlier versions of those same objects. If objects are unchanged the tests pass, otherwise execution stops with error details. If in interactive mode, tests can be reviewed through the provided interactive environment.