Help for Writing Tests Based on Function Examples (exampletestr)
Take the examples written in your documentation of functions and use them to create shells (skeletons which must be manually completed by the user) of test files to be tested with the ‘testthat’ package. Documentation must be done with ‘roxygen2’.

A Solver for ‘ompr’ that Uses the R Optimization Infrastructure (‘ROI’) (ompr.roi)
A solver for ‘ompr’ based on the R Optimization Infrastructure (‘ROI’). The package makes all solvers in ‘ROI’ available to solve ‘ompr’ models. Please see the ‘ompr’ website <https://…/ompr> and package docs for more information and examples on how to use it.

Minicharts for Interactive Maps (leaflet.minicharts)
Add and modify small charts on an interactive map created with package ‘leaflet’. These charts can be used to represent at same time multiple variables on a single map.

Bayesian LDA for Mixed-Membership Clustering Analysis (Rlda)
Describes the Bayesian LDA model for mixed-membership clustering based on different types of data (i.e., Multinomial, Bernoulli, and Binomial entries).

Make Binary Operators (grapes)
Turn arbitrary functions into binary operators.