Dynamic Correlation Analysis for High Dimensional Data (DCA)
Finding dominant latent signals that regulate dynamic correlation between many pairs of variables.

Encrypt and Decrypt Strings, R Objects and Files (safer)
A consistent interface to encrypt and decrypt strings, R objects and files using symmetric key encryption.

Create and Evaluate NONMEM Models in a Project Context (nonmemica)
Systematically creates and modifies NONMEM(R) control streams. Harvests NONMEM output, builds run logs, creates derivative data, generates diagnostics. NONMEM (ICON Development Solutions <http://…/> ) is software for nonlinear mixed effects modeling. See ‘package?nonmemica’.

Tabular Reporting API (flextable)
Create pretty tables for ‘Microsoft Word’, ‘Microsoft PowerPoint’ and ‘HTML’ documents. Functions are provided to let users create tables, modify and format their content. It extends package ‘officer’ that does not contain any feature for customized tabular reporting. Function ‘tabwid’ produces an ‘htmlwidget’ ready to be used in ‘Shiny’ or ‘R Markdown (*.Rmd)’ documents. See the ‘flextable’ website for more information.

Connect to ‘DocuSign’ API (docuSignr)
Connect to the ‘DocuSign’ Rest API <https://…/RESTAPIGuide.htm>, which supports embedded signing, and sending of documents.