Log-Linear Poisson Graphical Model with Hot-Deck Multiple Imputation (RNAseqNet)
Infer log-linear Poisson Graphical Model with an auxiliary data set. Hot-deck multiple imputation method is used to improve the reliability of the inference with an auxiliary dataset. Standard log-linear Poisson graphical model can also be used for the inference and the Stability Approach for Regularization Selection (StARS) is implemented to drive the selection of the regularization parameter.

Assorted Tools for Identifying Important Nodes in Networks (Impact, Expected Influence) (networktools)
Includes assorted tools for network analysis. Specifically, includes functions for calculating impact statistics, which aim to identify how each node impacts the overall network structure (global strength impact, network structure impact, edge impact), and for calculating and visualizing expected influence.

Rdrools JARs (Rdroolsjars)
External jars required for package ‘Rdrools’.

Implement Material Design in Shiny Applications (shinymaterial)
Allows shiny developers to incorporate UI elements based on Google’s Material design. See <https://…/> for more information.

Variable Selection in the Multivariate Linear Model (MultiVarSel)
It provides a novel variable selection approach in the multivariate framework of the general linear model taking into account the dependence that may exist between the columns of the observations matrix. For further details we refer the reader to the paper Perrot-Dockes et al. (2017), <arXiv:1704.00076>.