Extract Text from Microsoft Word Documents (antiword)
Wraps the ‘AntiWord’ utility to extract text from Microsoft Word documents. The utility only supports the old ‘doc’ format, not the new xml based ‘docx’ format.

Interpreted String Literals (glue)
An implementation of interpreted string literals, inspired by Python’s Literal String Interpolation <https://…/> and Docstrings <https://…/> and Julia’s Triple-Quoted String Literals <https://…/#triple-quoted-string-literals>.

Circular / Ring Buffers (ring)
Circular / ring buffers in R and C. There are a couple of different buffers here with different implementations that represent different trade-offs.

World Map Data from Natural Earth (rnaturalearth)
Facilitates mapping by making natural earth map data from <http://…/> more easily available to R users.

Inventory Models (Inventorymodel)
Determination of the optimal policy in inventory problems from a game-theoretic perspective.