Coupled Hidden Markov Models (CHMM)
An exact and a variational inference for coupled Hidden Markov Models applied to the joint detection of copy number variations.

R Bindings to the ‘Quantuccia’ Header-Only Essentials of ‘QuantLib’ (RcppQuantuccia)
QuantLib’ bindings are provided for R using ‘Rcpp’ and the header-only ‘Quantuccia’ variant (put together by Peter Caspers) offering an essential subset of ‘QuantLib’. See the included file ‘AUTHORS’ for a full list of contributors to both ‘QuantLib’ and ‘Quantuccia’.

Fast Creation of Dummy (Binary) Columns from Categorical Variables (fastDummies)
Creates dummy columns from columns that have categorical variables (character or factor types). This package provides a significant speed increase from creating dummy variables through model.matrix().

AWS S3 Client Package (aws.s3)
A simple client package for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) REST API <https://…/>.

Weighted Generalized Estimating Equations and Model Selection (wgeesel)
Weighted generalized estimating equations (WGEE) is an extension of generalized linear models to longitudinal clustered data by incorporating the correlation within-cluster when data is missing at random (MAR). The parameters in mean, scale correlation structures are estimated based on quasi-likelihood. Multiple model selection criterion are provided for selection of mean model and working correlation structure based on WGEE/GEE.