Constrained Triangulation for Simple Features (sfdct)
Build a constrained ‘Delaunay’ triangulation from simple features objects, applying constraints based on input line segments, and triangle properties including maximum area, minimum internal angle.

Functions for Discordant Kinship Modeling (discord)
Functions for discordant kinship modeling (and other sibling-based quasi-experimental designs). Currently, the package contains data restructuring functions; functions for generating genetically- and environmentally-informed data for kin pairs.

Sequential BART for Imputation of Missing Covariates (sbart)
Implements the sequential BART (Bayesian Additive Regression Trees) approach to impute the missing covariates. The algorithm applies a Bayesian nonparametric approach on factored sets of sequential conditionals of the joint distribution of the covariates and the missingness and applying the Bayesian additive regression trees to model each of these univariate conditionals. Each conditional distribution is then sampled using MCMC algorithm. The published journal can be found at <https://…/kxw009> Package provides a function, seqBART(), which computes and returns the imputed values.

A Rules Engine for R Based on ‘Drools’ (Rdrools)
An R interface for using the popular Java based Drools, which is a Business Rule Management System (See <> for more information). This package allows you to run a set of rules written in DRL format on the data using the Drools engine.

An Adaptive Sum of Powered Correlation Test (aSPC) for Global Association Between Two Random Vectors (aSPC)
The aSPC test is designed to test global association between two groups of variables potentially with moderate to high dimension (e.g. in hundreds). The aSPC is particularly useful when the association signals between two groups of variables are sparse.