Find Out Who Maintains the Packages you Use (thankr)
Find out who maintains the packages you use in your current session or in your package library and maybe say ‘thank you’.

Spatial Methods and Indices (spind)
Functions for spatial methods based on generalized estimating equations (GEE) and wavelet-revised methods (WRM), functions for scaling by wavelet multiresolution regression (WMRR), conducting multi-model inference, and stepwise model selection. Further, contains functions for spatially corrected model accuracy measures.

Historical Tree Ensembles for Longitudinal Data (htree)
Historical regression trees are an extension of standard trees, producing a non-parametric estimate of how the response depends on all of its prior realizations as well as that of any time-varying predictor variables. The method applies equally to regularly as well as irregularly sampled data. The package implements random forest and boosting ensembles based on historical regression trees, suitable for longitudinal data.

Create ‘roxygen2’ Skeleton with Information from Function Script (sinew)
Create ‘roxygen2’ skeleton populated with information scraped from the within the function script. Also creates field entries for imports in the ‘DESCRIPTION’ and import in the ‘NAMESPACE’ files. Can be run from the R console or through the ‘RStudio’ ‘addin’ menu.

Combine and Export Data Frames (tatoo)
Functions to combine data.frames in ways that require additional effort in base R, and to add metadata (id, title, …) that can be used for printing and xlsx export. The ‘Tatoo_report’ class is provided as a convenient helper to write several such tables to a workbook, one table per worksheet.