Contrasts in Mixed Effects for EMMIX Model with Random Effects 2 (EMMIXcontrasts2)
For forming contrasts in the mixed effects for mixtures of linear mixed models fitted to the gene profiles.

Optimal Exact Tests for Multiple Binary Endpoints (multfisher)
Calculates exact hypothesis tests to compare a treatment and a reference group with respect to multiple binary endpoints. The tested null hypothesis is an identical multidimensional distribution of successes and failures in both groups. The alternative hypothesis is a larger success proportion in the treatment group in at least one endpoint. The tests are based on the multivariate permutation distribution of subjects between the two groups. For this permutation distribution, rejection regions are calculated that satisfy one of different possible optimization criteria. In particular, regions with maximal exhaustion of the nominal significance level, maximal power under a specified alternative or maximal number of elements can be found. Optimization is achieved by a branch-and-bound algorithm. By application of the closed testing principle, the global hypothesis tests are extended to multiple testing procedures.

Dependency-Free Access to PNG Image Files (loder)
Read and write access to PNG image files using the LodePNG library. The package has no external dependencies.

Configural Frequency Analysis (CFA) (cfa)
Analysis of configuration frequencies for simple and repeated measures, multiple-samples CFA, hierarchical CFA, bootstrap CFA, functional CFA, Kieser-Victor CFA, and Lindner’s test using a conventional and an accelerated algorithm.

Quantile Regression Mixture Models (qrmix)
Implements the robust algorithm for fitting finite mixture models based on quantile regression proposed by Emir et al., 2017 (unpublished).