SVM Quantile Regression with the Pinball Loss (qrsvm)
Quantile Regression (QR) using Support Vector Machines under the Pinball-Loss. Estimation is based on ‘Nonparametric Quantile Regression’ by I. Takeuchi, Q.V.Le , T. Sears, A.J.Smola (2004). Implementation relies on ‘quadprog’ package, package ‘kernlab’ Kernelfunctions and package ‘Matrix’ nearPD to find next Positive definite Kernelmatrix. Package estimates quantiles individually but an Implementation of non crossing constraints coming soon. Function multqrsvm() now supports parallel backend for faster fitting.

Everyone’s Statistical Software (Zelig)
A framework that brings together an abundance of common statistical models found across packages into a unified interface, and provides a common architecture for estimation and interpretation, as well as bridging functions to absorb increasingly more models into the collective library. Zelig allows each individual package, for each statistical model, to be accessed by a common uniformly structured call and set of arguments. Moreover, Zelig automates all the surrounding building blocks of a statistical work-flow-procedures and algorithms that may be essential to one user’s application but which the original package developer did not use in their own research and might not themselves support. These include bootstrapping, jackknifing, and re-weighting of data. In particular, Zelig automatically generates predicted and simulated quantities of interest (such as relative risk ratios, average treatment effects, first differences and predicted and expected values) to interpret and visualize complex models.

Theme Enrichment Analysis for Stories (stoRy)
An implementation of the hypergeometric test to check for over-represented themes in a storyset relative to a background set of stories.

A Genetic Algorithm for Learning Directed Acyclic Graphs (GADAG)
Sparse large Directed Acyclic Graphs learning with a combination of a convex program and a tailored genetic algorithm (see Champion et al. (2017) <https://…/document> ).

Produces Markdown Log File with a Built-in Function Call (md.log)
Produces clean and neat Markdown log file and also provide an argument to include the function call inside the Markdown log.