An Interface to the ‘fastText’ Library (fastTextR)
An interface to the ‘fastText’ library <https://…/fastText>. The package can be used for text classification and to learn word vectors. The install folder contains the ‘PATENTS’ file. An example how to use ‘fastTextR’ can be found in the ‘README’ file.

Epimed Solutions Collection for Data Editing, Analysis, and Benchmarking of Health Units (ems)
Collection of functions for data analysis and editing. Most of them are related to benchmarking with prediction models.

Easily Install and Load Stable Zelig Packages (zeligverse)
Provides an easy way to load stable Core Zelig and ancillary Zelig packages.

Mediation Analysis for Multiple and Multi-Stage Mediators (gmediation)
Current version of this R package conducts mediation path analysis for multiple mediators in two stages.

Extract Metadata from ‘NetCDF’ Files as Data Frames (ncdump)
Tools for handling ‘NetCDF’ metadata in data frames. The metadata is provided as relations in tabular form, to avoid having to scan printed header output or to navigate nested lists of raw metadata.