Distance Matrix Utilities (usedist)
Functions to re-arrange, extract, and work with distances.

Create Contour Plots from Data or a Function (ContourFunctions)
Provides functions for making contour plots. The contour plot can be created from grid data, a function, or a data set. If non-grid data is given, then a Gaussian process is fit to the data and used to create the contour plot.

Partitioned Symmetric Matrices (symDMatrix)
A class that partitions a symmetric matrix into matrix-like objects (blocks) while behaving similarly to a base R matrix. Very large symmetric matrices are supported if the blocks are memory-mapped objects.

Tools for Working with ‘Taxonomic’ Databases (taxizedb)
Tools for working with ‘taxonomic’ databases, including utilities for downloading databases, loading them into various ‘SQL’ databases, cleaning up files, and providing a ‘SQL’ connection that can be used to do ‘SQL’ queries directly or used in ‘dplyr’.

Integrating External Controls into Association Test (iECAT)
Functions for single-variant and region-based tests with external control samples. These methods use external study samples as control samples with adjusting for possible batch effects.