Data science through the lens of research design

Data science projects may often fail due to a lack of clear definition of the business goal and not because data scientists technical abilities. We examine the connection between data science and research design to help address this issue.

R and Python support now built in to Visual Studio 2017

The new Visual Studio 2017 has built-in support for programming in R and Python. For older versions of Visual Studio, support for these languages has been available via the RTVS and PTVS add-ins, but the new Data Science Workloads in Visual Studio 2017 make them available without a separate add-in. Just choose the ‘Data Science and analytical applications’ option during installation to install everything you need, including Microsoft R Client and the Anaconda Python distribution.

Instrumental Variables in R exercises (Part-1)

Machine Learning. Stock Market Data, Part 2: Linear Discriminant Analysis.

It is important to mention that the present posts series began as a personal way of practicing R programming and machine learning. Subsequently feedback from the community, urged me to continue performing these exercises and sharing them. The bibliography and corresponding authors are cited at all times and this posts series is a way of honoring and giving them the credit they deserve for their work.