Particle Tracking and Demography (trackdem)
Obtain population density and body size structure, using video material or image sequences as input. Functions assist in the creation of image sequences from videos, background detection and subtraction, particle identification and tracking. An artificial neural network can be trained for noise filtering. The goal is to supply accurate estimates of population size, structure and/or individual behavior, for use in evolutionary and ecological studies.

GLM-Based Ordination Method (gomms)
A zero-inflated quasi-Poisson factor model to display similarity between samples visually in a low (2 or 3) dimensional space.

Shiny Apps on Crunch (crunchy)
To facilitate building custom dashboards on the Crunch data platform <http://…/>, the ‘crunchy’ package provides tools for working with ‘shiny’. These tools include utilities to manage authentication and authorization automatically and custom stylesheets to help match the look and feel of the Crunch web application.

Produce Descriptive and Comparative Tables Easily (desctable)
Easily create descriptive and comparative tables. It makes use and integrates directly with the tidyverse family of packages, and pipes. Tables are produced as data frames/lists of data frames for easy manipulation after creation, and ready to be saved as csv, or piped to DT::datatable() or pander::pander() to integrate into reports.

Create Reports from GitHub Issues (issueReporter)
Generates a report from a GitHub issue thread, using R Markdown.