Sum of Independent Non-Identical Binomial Random Variables (sinib)
Density, distribution function, quantile function and random generation for the sum of independent non-identical binomial distribution with parameters \code{size} and \code{prob}.

Multi-Solution’ Binary Linear Problem Plugin for the ‘R’ Optimization Interface (ROI.plugin.msbinlp)
Enhances the ‘R’ Optimization Infrastructure (‘ROI’) package with the possibility to obtain multiple solutions for linear problems with binary variables. The main function is copied (with small modifications) from the relations package.

Check the Basic Validity of a (Function) Argument (checkarg)
Utility functions that allow checking the basic validity of a function argument or any other value, including generating an error and assigning a default in a single line of code. The main purpose of the package is to provide simple and easily readable argument checking to improve code robustness.

Convert Strings into any Case (snakecase)
A consistent, flexible and easy to use tool to parse and convert strings into cases like snake or camel among others.

Implementation Helper for [ and [<- Of Custom Matrix-Like Types (crochet)
Functions to help implement the extraction / subsetting / indexing function [ and replacement function [<- of custom matrix-like types (based on S3, S4, etc.), modeled as closely to the base matrix class as possible (with tests to prove it).