Research in sentiment analysis is increasing at a fast pace making it challenging to keep track of all the activities in the area. We present a computer-assisted literature review and analyze 5,163 papers from Scopus. We find that the roots of sentiment analysis are in studies on public opinion analysis at the start of 20th century, but the outbreak of computer-based sentiment analysis only occurred with the availability of subjective texts in the Web. Consequently, 99% of the papers have been published after 2005. Sentiment analysis papers are scattered to multiple publication venues and the combined number of papers in the top-15 venues only represent 29% of the papers in total. In recent years, sentiment analysis has shifted from analyzing online product reviews to social media texts from Twitter and Facebook. We created a taxonomy of research topics with text mining and qualitative coding. A meaningful future for sentiment analysis could be in ensuring the authenticity of public opinions, and detecting fake news. The Evolution of Sentiment Analysis – A Review of Research Topics, Venues, and Top Cited Papers