Movement Data Visualization (moveVis)
Tools to visualize movement data of any kind, e. g by creating path animations from GPS point data.

Goodness-of-Fit for Time-to-Event Data (goftte)
Extension of ‘gof ‘ package to survival models.

Computation of v Values for U and Copula C(U, v) (vfcp)
Computation the value of one of two uniformly distributed marginals if the copula probability value is known and the value of the second marginal is also known. Computation and plotting corresponding cumulative distribution function or survival function.

Generalized Discrimination Score (afc)
This is an implementation of the Generalized Discrimination Score (also known as Two Alternatives Forced Choice Score, 2AFC) for various representations of forecasts and verifying observations. The Generalized Discrimination Score is a generic forecast verification framework which can be applied to any of the following verification contexts: dichotomous, polychotomous (ordinal and nominal), continuous, probabilistic, and ensemble. A comprehensive description of the Generalized Discrimination Score, including all equations used in this package, is provided by Mason and Weigel (2009) <doi:10.1175/MWR-D-10-05069.1>.

Automatically Print R Objects to Appropriate Formats According to the ‘knitr’ Output Format (printr)
Extends the S3 generic function knit_print() in ‘knitr’ to automatically print some objects using an appropriate format such as Markdown or LaTeX. For example, data frames are automatically printed as tables, and the help() pages can also be rendered in ‘knitr’ documents.