A Faster Implementation of the Poisson-Binomial Distribution (poisbinom)
Provides the probability, distribution, and quantile functions and random number generator for the Poisson-Binomial distribution. This package relies on FFTW to implement the discrete Fourier transform, so that it is much faster than the existing implementation of the same algorithm in R.

Evolutionary Monte Carlo (EMC) Methods for Clustering (EMCC)
Evolutionary Monte Carlo methods for clustering, temperature ladder construction and placement. This package implements methods introduced in Goswami, Liu and Wong (2007) <doi:10.1198/106186007X255072>. The paper above introduced probabilistic genetic-algorithm-style crossover moves for clustering. The paper applied the algorithm to several clustering problems including Bernoulli clustering, biological sequence motif clustering, BIC based variable selection, mixture of Normals clustering, and showed that the proposed algorithm performed better both as a sampler and as a stochastic optimizer than the existing tools, namely, Gibbs sampling, “split-merge” Metropolis-Hastings algorithm, K-means clustering, and the MCLUST algorithm (in the package ‘mclust’).

JAR Files of the Apache Commons Mathematics Library (commonsMath)
Java JAR files for the Apache Commons Mathematics Library for use by users and other packages.

Interactive Graphs with R (RJSplot)
Creates interactive graphs with ‘R’. It joins the data analysis power of R and the visualization libraries of JavaScript in one package.

Simulation Education (simEd)
Contains various functions to be used for simulation education, including queueing simulation functions, variate generation functions capable of producing independent streams and antithetic variates, functions for illustrating random variate generation for various discrete and continuous distributions, and functions to compute time-persistent statistics. Also contains two queueing data sets (one fabricated, one real-world) to facilitate input modeling.