Computing Weighted Topological Overlaps (wTO) & Consensus wTO Network (wTO)
Computes the Weighted Topological Overlap (wTO) networks. Once a data.frame containing the count/ expression/ abundance per sample, and a vector containing the interested nodes of interaction.It also computes the cut-off threshold or p-value based on the individuals bootstrap or the values reshuffle per individual. It also allows the construction of a Consensus network, based on multiple wTOs. Also includes a visualization tool for the final network.

Statistical Analysis of Textual Data (Xplortext)
A complete set of functions devoted to statistical analysis of documents.

Bias Reduction with Missing Binary Response (brlrmr)
Provides two main functions, il() and fil(). The il() function implements the EM algorithm developed by Ibrahim and Lipsitz (1996) <DOI:10.2307/2533068> to estimate the parameters of a logistic regression model with the missing response when the missing data mechanism is nonignorable. The fil() function implements the algorithm proposed by Maity et. al. (2017+) <https://…/brlrmr> to reduce the bias produced by the method of Ibrahim and Lipsitz (1996) <DOI:10.2307/2533068>.

Markdown Reference Manuals (Rd2md)
The native R functionalities only allow PDF exports of reference manuals. This shall be extended by converting the package documentation files into markdown files and combining them into a markdown version of the package reference manual.

Compute Recency Frequency Monetary Scores for your Customer Data (didrooRFM)
This hosts the findRFM function which generates RFM scores on a 1-5 point scale for customer transaction data. The function consumes a data frame with Transaction Number, Customer ID, Date of Purchase (in date format) and Amount of Purchase as the attributes. The function returns a data frame with RFM data for the sales information.