Convert Png Files into Animated Png (apng)
Convert several png files into an animated png file. This package exports only a single function `apng’. Call the apng function with a vector of file names (which should be png files) to convert them to a single animated png file.

An Easy Way to Report Regression Analysis (reportReg)
Provides an easy way to report the results of regression analysis, including: 1. Proportional hazards regression model from function ‘coxph’ of package ‘survival’; 2. Ordered logistic regression from function ‘polr’ of package ‘MASS’; 3. Binary logistic regression from function ‘glm’ of package ‘stats’; 4. Linear regression from function ‘lm’ of packages ‘stats’.

Flexible Parametric Cure Models (flexsurvcure)
Flexible parametric mixture and non-mixture cure models for time-to-event data.

Calculate the RR for the GAM (gamRR)
To calculate the relative risk (RR) for the generalized additive model.

Empirical Data Platform Client (edpclient)
R client for Empirical Data Platform. More information is at <>. For support, contact