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(Section: 2.2 The Evidence Lower Bound) Filtering Variational Objectives “Filtering Variational Objectives”

Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC) google
The purpose of statistical disclosure control is to make as small as possible the risk of releasing confidential information whilst maximising the access to useful, high quality data. Statistical disclosure control (SDC) covers a range of ways of changing data which are used to control the risk of an intruder finding out confidential information about a person or unit (such as a household or business). Laws protect the confidentiality of data about living people and there is also a range of legislation for specific types of data, for example the census. Many surveys also carry a confidentiality assurance, which is an agreement between the respondent and the data collector about how the collected data will be used. In the last ten years there has been a large increase in the electronic storage of data and wider access to information on the internet, including data for small geographical areas. At the same time, computing expertise and access to computers with a large amount of processing power have also increased. This means that data publishers need to take increased steps so that released micro-data (data held as individual records) and tabulations do not reveal any identifiable or disclosive information about a person , household or business.
Statistical Disclosure Control: Protecting sensitive information
Statistical disclosure control
Introduction to Statistical Disclosure Control