Analysis of R Code for Reproducible Research and Code Comprehension (CodeDepends)
Tools for analyzing R expressions or blocks of code and determining the dependencies between them. It focuses on R scripts, but can be used on the bodies of functions. There are many facilities including the ability to summarize or get a high-level view of code, determining dependencies between variables, code improvement suggestions.

Optimized Rendering of Fold Changes and Confidence Values (colorpatch)
Shows color patches for encoding fold changes (e.g. log ratios) together with confidence values within a single diagram. This is especially useful for rendering gene expression data as well as other types of differential experiments. In addition to different rendering methods (ggplot extensions) functionality for perceptually optimizing color palettes are provided. Furthermore the package provides extension methods of the colorspace color-class in order to simplify the work with palettes (a.o. length, as.list, and append are supported).

Wrapper Algorithm for All Relevant Feature Selection (Boruta)
An all relevant feature selection wrapper algorithm. It finds relevant features by comparing original attributes’ importance with importance achievable at random, estimated using their permuted copies.

Create Frequency Tables with Counts and Rates (frequencies)
Provides functions to create frequency tables which display both counts and rates.

R API for MLJAR (mljar)
Provides an R API wrapper for ‘’, a web service allowing for on-line training for machine learning models (see <> for more information).