Scheduling Interim Analyses in Clinical Trials (interim)
Allows the simulation of both the recruitment and treatment phase of a clinical trial. Based on these simulations, the timing of interim analyses can be assessed.

A ‘ggplot2’ Extension for Drawing Publication-Ready Sequence Logos (ggseqlogo)
The extensive range of functions provided by this package makes it possible to draw highly versatile sequence logos. Features include, but not limited to, modifying colour schemes and fonts used to draw the logo, generating multiple logo plots, and aiding the visualisation with annotations. Sequence logos can easily be combined with other plots ‘ggplot2’ plots.

Matching Event Data by Location, Time and Type (meltt)
Framework for merging and disambiguating event data based on spatiotemporal co-occurrence and secondary event characteristics. It can account for intrinsic ‘fuzziness’ in the coding of events, varying event taxonomies and different geo-precision codes.

Penalty Learning (penaltyLearning)
Implementations of algorithms from Learning Sparse Penalties for Change-point Detection using Max Margin Interval Regression, by Hocking, Rigaill, Vert, Bach <http://…/hocking13.html> published in proceedings of ICML2013.

Solving Complex Game Problems using Gaussian Processes (GPGame)
Sequential strategies for finding game equilibria are proposed in a black-box setting (expensive pay-off evaluations, no derivatives). The algorithm handles noiseless or noisy evaluations. Two acquisition functions are available. Graphical outputs can be generated automatically.