R Session Information (sessioninfo)
Query and print information about the current R session. It is similar to ‘utils::sessionInfo()’, but includes more information about packages, and where they were installed from.

Convert Tibbles or Data Frames to Xts Easily (tbl2xts)
Facilitate the movement between data frames to ‘xts’. Particularly useful when moving from ‘tidyverse’ to the widely used ‘xts’ package, which is the input format of choice to various other packages. It also allows the user to use a ‘spread_by’ argument for a character column ‘xts’ conversion.

2-Stage Clinical Trial Design and Analysis (preference)
Design and analyze two-stage randomized trials with a continuous outcome measure. The package contains functions to compute the required sample size needed to detect a given preference, treatment, and selection effect; alternatively, the package contains functions that can report the study power given a fixed sample size. Finally, analysis functions are provided to test each effect using either summary data (i.e. means, variances) or raw study data.

Construct Process Maps Using Event Data (processmapR)
Visualize of process maps based on event logs, in the form of directed graphs. Part of the ‘bupaR’ framework.

Estimates, Plots and Evaluates Leaf Angle Distribution Functions, Calculates Extinction Coefficients (RLeafAngle)
Leaf angle distribution is described by a number of functions (e.g. ellipsoidal, Beta and rotated ellipsoidal). The parameters of leaf angle distributions functions are estimated through different empirical relationship. This package includes estimations of parameters of different leaf angle distribution function, plots and evaluates leaf angle distribution functions, calculates extinction coefficients given leaf angle distribution. Reference: Wang(2007)<doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2006.12.003>.