Web Crawler and Scraper (Rcrawler)
Performs parallel web crawling and web scraping. It is designed to crawl, parse and store web pages to produce data that can be directly used for analysis application. For details see Khalil and Fakir (2017) <DOI:10.1016/j.softx.2017.04.004>.

Runge-Kutta Solver for Function nls() (nlsrk)
Performs univariate or multivariate computation of a single ODE or of a set of ODE (ordinary differential equations).

A Null Model Adapted to Abundance Class Data in Ecology (swapClass)
A null model randomizing semi-quantitative multi-classes (or ordinal) data by swapping sub-matrices while both the row and the column marginal sums are held constant.

Read and Write XES Files (xesreadR)
Read and write XES Files to create event log objects used by the ‘bupaR’ framework. XES (Extensible Event Stream) is the IEEE standard for storing and sharing event data (see <http://…/1849-2016.html> for more info).

Similarity-First Search Seriation Algorithm (SFS)
An implementation of the Similarity-First Search algorithm (SFS), a combinatorial algorithm which can be used to solve the seriation problem and to recognize some structured weighted graphs. The SFS algorithm represents a generalization to weighted graphs of the graph search algorithm Lexicographic Breadth-First Search (Lex-BFS), a variant of Breadth-First Search. The SFS algorithm reduces to Lex-BFS when applied to binary matrices (or, equivalently, unweighted graphs). Hence this library can be also considered for Lex-BFS applications such as recognition of graph classes like chordal or unit interval graphs. In fact, the SFS seriation algorithm implemented in this package is a multisweep algorithm, which consists in repeating a finite number of SFS iterations (at most \eqn{n} sweeps for a matrix of size \eqn{n}). If the data matrix has a Robinsonian structure, then the ranking returned by the multistep SFS algorithm is a Robinson ordering of the input matrix. Otherwise the algorithm can be used as a heuristic to return a ranking partially satisfying the Robinson property.