Main Package for Working with ‘’ Data Sets (
High-level tools for working with data sets. is a community where you can find interesting data, store and showcase your own data and data projects, and find and collaborate with other members. In addition to exploring, querying and charting data on the site, you can access data via ‘API’ endpoints and integrations. Use this package to access, query and explore data sets, and to integrate data into R projects. Visit <>, for additional information.

Event Data Repository (eventdataR)
Event dataset repository including both real-life and artificial event logs. They can be used in combination with functionalities provided by the ‘bupaR’ packages ‘edeaR’, ‘processmapR’, etc.

Efficient Designs for Discrete Choice Experiments (idefix)
Generates efficient designs for discrete choice experiments based on the multinomial logit model, and individually adapted designs for the mixed multinomial logit model. Crabbe M, Akinc D and Vandebroek M (2014) <doi:10.1016/j.trb.2013.11.008>.

ESRI’ Bindings for the ‘leaflet’ Package (leaflet.esri)
An add-on package to the ‘leaflet’ package, which provides bindings for ‘ESRI’ services. This package allows a user to add ‘ESRI’ provided services such as ‘MapService’, ‘ImageMapService’, ‘TiledMapService’ etc. to a ‘leaflet’ map.

Generate Varied Books and Documents with R ‘bookdown’ Package (bookdownplus)
A collection and selector of R ‘bookdown’ templates. ‘bookdownplus’ helps you write academic journal articles, guitar books, chemical equations, mails, calendars, and diaries. R ‘bookdownplus’ extends the features of ‘bookdown’, and simplifies the procedure. Users only have to choose a template, clarify the book title and author name, and then focus on writing the text. No need to struggle in YAML and LaTeX.