Travel Smoothly Between Country Name and Code Formats (passport)
Smooths the process of working with country names and codes via powerful parsing, standardization, and conversion utilities arranged in a simple, consistent API. Country name formats include multiple sources including the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR, <http://…/> ) common-sense standardized names in hundreds of languages.

A Shiny Application for the (Audio-)Visualization of Adverse Event Profiles (adepro)
The name of this package is an abbreviation for Animation of Adverse Event Profiles and refers to a shiny application which (audio-)visualizes adverse events occurring in clinical trials. As this data is usually considered sensitive, this tool is provided as a stand-alone application that can be launched from any local machine on which the data is stored.

Subgroup Specific Optimal Dose Assignment (SubTite)
Contains functions for choosing subgroup specific optimal doses in a phase I dose finding clinical trial and simulating a clinical trial under the subgroup specific time to event continual reassessment method.

Measurement and Partitioning of Similarity-Sensitive Biodiversity (rdiversity)
Provides a framework for the measurement and partitioning of the (similarity-sensitive) biodiversity of a metacommunity and its constituent subcommunities. Richard Reeve, et al. (2015) <arXiv:1404.6520v3>.

Tools to Improve the Use of Geostatistic (geotoolsR)
The basic idea of this package is provides some tools to help the researcher to work with geostatistics. Initially, we present a collection of functions that allow the researchers to deal with spatial data using bootstrap procedure.There are five methods available and two ways to display them: bootstrap confidence interval – provides a two-sided bootstrap confidence interval; bootstrap plot – a graphic with the original variogram and each of the B bootstrap variograms.