Data Structures, Summaries, and Visualisations for Missing Data (naniar)
Missing values are ubiquitous in data and need to be explored and handled in the initial stages of analysis. ‘naniar’ provides data structures and functions that facilitate the plotting of missing values and examination of imputations. This allows missing data dependencies to be explored with minimal deviation from the common work patterns of ‘ggplot2’ and tidy data.

CET Perceptually Uniform Colour Maps (cetcolor)
Collection of perceptually uniform colour maps made by Peter Kovesi (2015) ‘Good Colour Maps: How to Design Them’ <arXiv:1509.03700> at the Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET).

Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for Ranks (ICRanks)
Algorithms to construct confidence intervals for the ranks of centers mu_1,…,mu_n based on an independent Gaussian sample using multiple testing techniques.