Load Multiple ‘csv’ and ‘txt’ Tables (easycsv)
Allows users to easily read multiple comma separated tables and create a data frame under the same name. Is able to read multiple comma separated tables from a local directory, a zip file or a zip file on a remote directory.

Examine Measurement Invariance via Equivalence Testing and Projection Method (equaltestMI)
Functions for examining measurement invariance via equivalence testing along with adjusted RMSEA(root mean square error of approximation; Steiger & Lind, 1980) cutoff values. In particular, a projection-based method is implemented to test the equality of latent factor means across groups without assuming the equality of intercepts.

A Raster Where Cells are Generic Objects (rasterList)
A S4 class has been created such that complex operations can be executed on each cells of a raster map. The raster of objects contains the traditional raster map with the addition of a list of generic objects: one object for each raster cells. It allows to write few lines of R code for complex map algebra. Two environmental applications about frequency analysis of raster map of precipitation and creation of a raster map of soil water retention curves have been presented.