Randomization Tests (RATest)
A collection of randomization tests, data sets and examples. The current version focuses on the description and implementation of a permutation test for testing the continuity assumption of the baseline covariates in the sharp regression discontinuity design (RDD) as in Canay and Kamat (2017) <https://goo.gl/UZFqt7>. More specifically, it allows the user to select a set of covariates and test the aforementioned hypothesis using a permutation test based on the Cramer-von Miss test statistic. Graphical inspection of the empirical CDF and histograms for the variables of interest is also supported in the package.

Functions to Plot Confidence Interval (CIplot)
Plot confidence interval from the objects of statistical tests such as t.test(), var.test(), cor.test(), prop.test() and fisher.test() (‘htest’ class), Tukey test [TukeyHSD()], Dunnett test [glht() in ‘multcomp’ package], logistic regression [glm()], and Tukey or Games-Howell test [posthocTGH() in ‘userfriendlyscience’ package]. Users are able to set the styles of lines and points. This package contains the function to calculate odds ratios and their confidence intervals from the result of logistic regression.

R Commander Plug-in for Risk Demonstration (RcmdrPlugin.RiskDemo)
R Commander plug-in to demonstrate various actuarial and financial risks. It includes valuation of bonds and stocks, portfolio optimization, classical ruin theory and demography.