Graph Matching Library for R (RGraphM)
This is a wrapper package for the graph matching library ‘graphm’. The original ‘graphm’ C/C++ library can be found in <http://…/> . Latest version ( 0.52 ) of this library is slightly modified to fit ‘Rcpp’ usage and included in the source package. The development version of the package is also available at <https://…/RGraphM> .

Doubly-Robust Nonparametric Estimation and Inference (drtmle)
Targeted minimum loss-based estimators of counterfactual means and causal effects that are doubly-robust with respect both to consistency and asymptotic normality (van der Laan (2014), <doi:10.1515/ijb-2012-0038>).

Sparse and Regularized Discriminant Analysis (sparsediscrim)
A collection of sparse and regularized discriminant analysis methods intended for small-sample, high-dimensional data sets. The package features the High-Dimensional Regularized Discriminant Analysis classifier.