Static ‘SAS’ Code Analysis (sasMap)
A static code analysis tool for ‘SAS’ scripts. It is designed to load, count, extract, remove, and summarise components of ‘SAS’ code.

Single to Double Arm Transition Design for Phase II Clinical Trials (STARTdesign)
The package is used for calibrating the design parameters for single-to-double arm transition design proposed by Shi and Yin (2017). The calibration is performed via numerical enumeration to find the optimal design that satisfies the constraints on the type I and II error rates.

Powerful Classes for HTTP Requests and Responses (reqres)
In order to facilitate parsing of http requests and creating appropriate responses this package provides two classes to handle a lot of the housekeeping involved in working with http exchanges. The infrastructure builds upon the ‘rook’ specification and is thus well suited to be combined with ‘httpuv’ based web servers.