Export Data Frames to ‘xlsx’ Format (writexl)
Portable, light-weight data frame to ‘xlsx’ exporter based on ‘libxlsxwriter’. No ‘Java’ or ‘Excel’ required.

Image Manipulation, with an Emphasis on Journaling (ShinyImage)
Standard imaging operations, e.g. crop and contrast adjustment, but with ability to go back and forth through sequence of changes, with records being persistent. Optional Shiny interface. Useful to help with the research reproducibility problem, and as a teaching tool.

Development Tools for ‘SpaDES’ and ‘SpaDES’ Modules (SpaDES.addins)
Provides ‘RStudio’ addins for ‘SpaDES’ packages and ‘SpaDES’ module development. See ‘?SpaDES.addins’ for an overview of the tools provided.

An API for M-Estimation (geex)
Provides a general, flexible framework for estimating parameters and empirical sandwich variance estimator from a set of unbiased estimating equations (i.e., M-estimation in the vein of Stefanski & Boos (2002) <doi:10.1198/000313002753631330>). Also provides an API to compute finite-sample variance corrections.

Threshold Selection and Uncertainty for Extreme Value Analysis (threshr)
Provides functions for the selection of thresholds for use in extreme value models, based mainly on the methodology in Northrop, Attalides and Jonathan (2017) <doi:10.1111/rssc.12159>. It also performs predictive inferences about future extreme values, based either on a single threshold or on a weighted average of inferences from multiple thresholds, using the ‘revdbayes’ package <https://…/package=revdbayes>. At the moment only the case where the data can be treated as independent identically distributed observations is considered. See the ‘threshr’ website for more information, documentation and examples.