Component Geometry Decomposition (gibble)
Translation and restructuring operations for planar shapes and other hierarchical types require a data model with a record of the underlying relationships between elements. The gibble() function creates a geometry map, a simple record of the underlying structure in path-based hierarchical types. There are methods for the planar shape types in the ‘sf’ package.

Panel Smooth Transition Regression Modelling (PSTR)
Provides the Panel Smooth Transition Regression (PSTR) modelling. The modelling procedure consists of three stages: Specification, Estimation and Evaluation. The package offers sharp tools helping the package user(s) to conduct model specification tests, to do PSTR model estimation, and to do model evaluation. The tests implemented in the package allow for cluster-dependency and are heteroskedasticity-consistent. The wild bootstrap and wild cluster bootstrap tests are also implemented. Parallel computation (as an option) is implemented in some functions, especially the bootstrap tests. The package suits tasks running many cores on super-computation servers.

Split Plot (splot)
Automates common plotting tasks to ease data exploration. Makes density plots (potentially overlaid on histograms), scatter plots with prediction lines, or bar or line plots with error bars. For each type, y, or x and y variables can be plotted at levels of other variables, all with minimal specification.

Censored Regression with Smooth Terms (cenGAM)
Implementation of Tobit type I and type II families for censored regression using the ‘mgcv’ package, based on methods detailed in Woods (2016) <doi:10.1080/01621459.2016.1180986>.

Lasso and Elastic-Net Penalized Cox’s Regression in High Dimensions Models using the Cocktail Algorithm (fastcox)
We implement a cocktail algorithm, a good mixture of coordinate decent, the majorization-minimization principle and the strong rule, for computing the solution paths of the elastic net penalized Cox’s proportional hazards model. The package is an implementation of Yang, Y. and Zou, H. (2013) DOI: <doi:10.4310/SII.2013.v6.n2.a1>.