Reads ‘SPSS’ and ‘SAS’ Files from ASCII Data Files (.txt) and Setup Files (.sps or .sas) (asciiSetupReader)
Lets you open an ‘SPSS’ or ‘SAS’ data file using a .txt file that has the data and a .sps or .sas file with setup instructions. This will only run in a txt-sps or txt-sas pair in which the setup file contains instructions to open that text file. It will NOT open other text files, .sav, .por, or ‘SAS’ files.

Estimate Percentiles from an Ordered Categorical Variable (perccalc)
An implementation of two functions that estimate values for percentiles from an ordered categorical variable as described by Reardon (2011, isbn:978-0-87154-372-1). One function estimates percentile differences from two percentiles while the other returns the values for every percentile from 1 to 100.

Project Dense Vectors Representation of Texts on a 2D Plan (projector)
Display dense vector representation of texts on a 2D plan to better understand embeddings by observing the neighbors of a selected text. It also includes an interactive application to change dynamically the pivot text.

Batch Processing, Modeling and Visualizing the Dose-Response of High-Throughput Screening Bioassay (toxplot)
A convenient interface to batch process high-throughput toxicology bioassay screening data. It’s designed specifically for screening experiment that features a primary inhibition-type assay and a companion cytotoxicity assay. This package provides functions for data normalization, quality-control analysis, dose-response curve fitting (using the Hill model provided in the ‘tcpl’ package), visualization, and a unique toxicity-adjusted potency ranking system.

Silhouette to Area Ratio of Tilted Surfaces (leafSTAR)
Implementation of trigonometric functions to calculate the exposure of flat, tilted surfaces, such as leaves and slopes, to direct solar radiation. It implements the equations in A.G. Escribano-Rocafort, A. Ventre-Lespiaucq, C. Granado-Yela, et al. (2014) <doi:10.1111/2041-210X.12141> in a few user-friendly R functions. All functions handle data obtained with ‘Ahmes’ 1.0 for Android, as well as more traditional data sources (compass, protractor, inclinometer). The main function (star()) calculates the potential exposure of flat, tilted surfaces to direct solar radiation (silhouette to area ratio, STAR). It is equivalent to the ratio of the leaf projected area to total leaf area, but instead of using area data it uses spatial position angles, such as pitch, roll and course, and information on the geographical coordinates, hour, and date. The package includes additional functions to recalculate STAR with custom settings of location and time, to calculate the tilt angle of a surface, and the minimum angle between two non-orthogonal planes.

Clusters of Effect Curves in Quantile Regression Models (clustEff)
Clustering method to cluster both curves effects, through quantile regression coefficient modeling, and curves in functional data analysis. Sottile G. and Adelfio G. (2017) <https://…/IWSM_2017_V2.pdf>.