Boosting Variational Inference google
Variational Inference is a popular technique to approximate a possibly intractable Bayesian posterior with a more tractable one. Recently, Boosting Variational Inference has been proposed as a new paradigm to approximate the posterior by a mixture of densities by greedily adding components to the mixture. In the present work, we study the convergence properties of this approach from a modern optimization viewpoint by establishing connections to the classic Frank-Wolfe algorithm. Our analyses yields novel theoretical insights on the Boosting of Variational Inference regarding the sufficient conditions for convergence, explicit sublinear/linear rates, and algorithmic simplifications. …

Canberra Distance google
The Canberra distance is a numerical measure of the distance between pairs of points in a vector space, introduced in 1966 and refined in 1967 by G. N. Lance and W. T. Williams. It is a weighted version of L1 (Manhattan) distance. The Canberra distance has been used as a metric for comparing ranked lists and for intrusion detection in computer security. …

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