Spectral Graph Clustering (SGC) google
“Spectral Clustering”

Coded TeraSort google
We focus on sorting, which is the building block of many machine learning algorithms, and propose a novel distributed sorting algorithm, named Coded TeraSort, which substantially improves the execution time of the TeraSort benchmark in Hadoop MapReduce. The key idea of Coded TeraSort is to impose structured redundancy in data, in order to enable in-network coding opportunities that overcome the data shuffling bottleneck of TeraSort. We empirically evaluate the performance of CodedTeraSort algorithm on Amazon EC2 clusters, and demonstrate that it achieves 1.97x – 3.39x speedup, compared with TeraSort, for typical settings of interest. …

Apache Beam google
Apache Beam provides an advanced unified programming model, allowing you to implement batch and streaming data processing jobs that can run on any execution engine. Apache Beam is:
• UNIFIED – Use a single programming model for both batch and streaming use cases.
• PORTABLE – Execute pipelines on multiple execution environments, including Apache Apex, Apache Flink, Apache Spark, and Google Cloud Dataflow.
• EXTENSIBLE – Write and share new SDKs, IO connectors, and transformation libraries. …